Like the headline reads, 11 floors of Hans Grohe was approved recently with a contract to Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ.  The primary reason Hans Grohe got the nod was quality and price point.  Over the past two years, Hans Grohe has produced a  gaggle of lower price point items, from faucets to shower valves.  With their new Ibox valve system, it has made shower valve installation almost goof proof, and that is worthy of a headline  by itself!  When you are specifying several hundred faucets and 125 shower units, price does matter, especially in this market.  Quality talks, but price shouts!  The architectural firm and design firm had very divergent ideas, but good sense prevailed and Hans Grohe had the solutions.  Toto ultramax 2 toilets were specified throughout, as they to have the comfortable price point as well as the functionality we require.  Undermount Barclay sinks, and Bain Ultra Meridian tubs rounded out the bath.  Bain is well know for its quality and customer service, which is most important when it comes to air baths.  The door hardware was specified from Classic Brass.  To be more specific, the 5th avenue collection got the nod, and classic offered a great price point for the quantity that was required.  All of the interior doors will be made by Bollection, and once again, the pricing was key.  Sure, the total package was large, but the quality and affordability made it a home run.  The prospective tenants will love their new digs! www.hardware-designs.com  info@hardware-designs.com

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