Is 2012 finally the time to take our foot of the brake and begin to do the work our house needs.  It has been four years of caution and low spending for so many folks, and for many, virtually nothing has been spent at all!  I believe it is safe to say that at this point housing has hit the price bottom, and while we may not see much of a value increase this next six months, one can almost guarantee that prices will once again begin a slow ascent.  If you are considering moving and selling your home, some basic alteration might help you with enticing the prospective buyer.  New faucets, and counter tops go a long way.  If the shower fixtures are in poor condition, new buyers know they have to rip out the shower and start again.  If you want to make the sale, get it done now before prices move forward. Old cabinetry and vanities can be done for less than  you think.  Up to date toilets, new shower doors, new door hardware or cabinetware makes a difference to the perspective buyer.   Perhaps a new kitchen sink and faucet is in  order for that 25 year old kitchen!  Clean it up, is what I am saying.  You might even get to enjoy it more than you think.  Banks are seriously looking for customers, and you can’t believe that rates can stay this low for  more than another year.  I for one, changed my exterior doors which were more than tired.  New locks and hinges gave my house entryway a whole new look.  For those of you who are not moving, what better time than now to  spruce your home up.  Life is short enough, so enjoy some of the fruits of your labor and live a little!  info@hardware-designs.com  www.hardware-designs.com

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