5 Minutes of Peace in the Shower

The shower, the 5 minutes peace for every person every day. For some, the only moments spent that way before they step into this fast forward life. With a few simple changes a standard bathroom can be transformed into a home spa and the simple shower can be transformed into a haven of health and wellness to help refresh, recharge and reset. Bain Ultra’s innovative 5 therapy system the Vedana, incorporates all 5 therapies into an elegant slim wall unit that can be installed in the shower stall. The Vedana transforms even the smallest bathroom into a full spa experience. Utilizing thermotherapy (dry heat), light therapy, chromatherapy (color), aromatherapy and sound therapy together seamlessly it creates an experience that promotes health and wellness. Enhancing the shower experience and transforming it into a full therapeutic event. Maximize your 5 minutes peace, consider a Vedana. I purchased my spa items from Hardware Designs Fairfield Nj. Since my employment is in Manhatten all purchases were made on Thursday nights. Which equals one less stop at a supply house on Saturday. I recommend stopping by this showroom it has a wide variety of eye candy for new bathroom projects. www.hardware-designs.com  info@hardware-designs.com

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