50 Ways To Love Your Lever!

This just could be a Hardware Designs mass understatement.  If only there was only 50 levers on display.  Try about 500, no to mention all the door knobs and entry sets.  Glass, Brass, bronze copper, satin nickel, chrome, am I missing something?  I went there Saturday just to see what they had on the advice of my interior schmeckerator!!  Actually he is great at what he does….but he caused me some serious confusion.  Well, the Hardware Designs staff straightened me out, and gave me pictures along with a specification list, that was accurate, and simple to use.  I selected glass knobs from Baldwin, and no, they were not cheap, but the Hardware Designs discount policy was fair, and eased the blow—somewhat!  I have to say this, hence the blog……go there!  Amazing, beautiful, professional, and priced right.  If you are doing a bathroom, well the door hardware was really the simple part of the project.  My baths are next!  Lord have mercy on me!

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