8 reasons to rennovate your bath!

Here are 8 great reasons to do your bath over! 1. The shower floor is rotting! 2. The vanity is from the civil war! 3. The toilet does not flush! 4. The whirlpool does not whirl! 5. The sink is rusting! 6. The tile is pink/green/or some such hideous color! 7. Your bathroom depresses you!! 8. You will never sell your home given the condition of your bathrooms! Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, has all the solutions. Shower systems, vanities, cabinetware, door hardware, accessories, fans, towel warmers, steam units, toilets, bidets,—the whole 9 yards. Visit us, get some ideas, have some java. See us online at www.hardware-designs.com or email us at info@hardware-designs.com

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