A Great Way to Protect Your Family from Water Borne Gremlins

I recently purchased a new kitchen faucet at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ and the sales associate raised a related topic I honestly hadn’t thought much about…water filtration. The salesperson ran down a list of the possible contaminants frequently found when testing area tap water and then showed me how filtration will eliminate them from the water. Like many people I’ve been spending extra money for organic produce in the interest of my family’s health, but then rinse it under an unfiltered tap never realizing I’m probably putting back many of the things I was seeking to avoid by buying organic in the first place. In addition to units designed for the kitchen, I was also shown whole house filtration and conditioning units which filter all the water coming into the home and which also act as a water softener. Needless to say I purchased a filtration system for my drinking water and am seriously considering the purchase of a whole house system in the near future. To get all the facts, stop in to Hardware Designs, or visit their website at www.hardware-designs.com. You can also email them your questions at: info@hardware-designs.com

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