A Knowledgeable Staff Saved Me From Taking a Bath in My Shower


When my existing exposed thermostatic shower system failed recently, I was dismayed to discover that the manufacturer was no longer in business. I stopped in at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ to see if they could help me replace the unit without having to open up the wall of my shower. I thought, (or rather hoped) it might be a relatively simple thing to do, but as I soon found out, that was not the case. The existing shower was 5-1/2″ on center which the salesperson told me was not standard. That didn’t dissuade the Hardware Designs staffer however. After much searching my salesperson found a 1/2″ exposed thermostatic shower system from Samuel Heath which would work perfectly with my existing plumbing. Thanks to the knowledgeable and proactive staff at Hardware Designs, they saved me the mess and expense of opening up my shower’s tiled wall. Stop in and see the Samuel Heath line along with other exposed shower systems from Rohl, Cifial, and Mico, or check out their website at www.hardware-designs.com For information or answers to your questions, email them at: info@hardware-designs.com

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