A memory from a dear friend

My dear clients.
> It is with great sadness that I write to you today, to inform you of
> the passing of my dear friend & colleague, Chuck Bianchi.
> The only detail that I have at this point is that Chuck apparently
> died in his sleep,
> sometime on Thursday April 8th.  He was 50 years old.
> Most of you had the pleasure of meeting Chuck at Hardware Designs,
> where he worked as a head salesperson for many years.
> I met Chuck at HDI in the late ’80s & we continued to work together,
> long after I had left the company & started my own design firm.
> What many of you may not have known however, is that Chuck & I were close,
> personal friends, outside of work.
> He was my dear friend & a trusted colleague.
> There is an emptiness in my work days now, as I no longer have the
> benefit of his laughter & good humor.  With the start of every project
> & subsequent order update, be it e-mail, mail or fax, Chuck always
> found a way to include a practical joke or to kid me in some small
> way.
> He kept me on my toes & he made me laugh.
> But mostly, Chuck taught me to laugh at myself.
> He never took work so seriously that he forgot to enjoy life.
> And his life was filled with people who loved & enjoyed him.
> Chuck will be sorely missed by those who loved him & by everyone who
> had the immense pleasure of having worked with him

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