What is a better selection today for your home, a cast iron tub or an acrylic tub? One thing is for sure, acrylic offers an endless variety of choices. Length and vary from short and narrow to long and wide. Depth is another variable that can range from the very shallow to the very deep. In addition, acrylic offers an endless array of shapes. These tubs can have numerous configurations with arm rests, heaters, jets. air systems and a host of other options including chromatherapy. Prices on acrylic can also be quite variable as well, ranging from the inexpensive to the pricey, depending on the options you select and where they are made. Acrylic tubs are indeed durable which probably goes against what most folks believe! I would not be fan of fibre glass tubs as they do scratch rather easy. Acrylic tubs installed correctly in a cement base or similar stable material are as solid as acrylic in my opinion. They are easy to clean and most important easy to handle, as the weight of an acrylic tub is really quite minimal. On the other hand we have cast iron or steel tubs. We all know these tubs as virtually all of us grew up with them. Perhaps they do hold heat a tad longer, but can shed cold into the water until they themselves are warmed up! They are heavy and offer few options. They are rarely deep or overly large due to the weight of the material. While obviously hard to handle they still have have a major place in the construction industry. Most companies have moved away from cast iron, mainly due to transportation costs and handling difficulties. But truth be told, they are still popular in today’s market place. Arm rests, and molded shapes are a tad hard to come by, as these tubs are usually basic. The standard sizes of 60 x 30 or 60 x 32 rule in new construction. I suppose Kohler owns this market, but acrylic has made deep inroads into this market niche, and I for one don’t see a super long future for cast iron. Our companies offers tubs from a deep array of manufacturers, such as Hydro Systems, Aquatic Industries, Bain Ultra, Duravit, Wetstyle, Victoria and Albert, as well as Devon and Devon, Kohler and their sister company Kallista. Stop by and have a chat with us about which tub is suited best for your needs. Explore our lines at or email us at

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