Alternative For Your Bathtub!

Some folks are truly not interested in a jetted whirlpool.  Some folks are not interested in a airbath either.  There is an alternative that I find most interesting.  Bain has come up with a few new concepts over the last year, and one of the more intriguing concepts is called thermosense.  Essentially, this is a heated back rest.  When saying heated, I mean just that, heat you can feel. Quick and very simple to operate with a touch of a button, this is the way to go to comfort and sooth a back. It is just plain relaxing and appreciated. You can add the Aromasense unit to these tubs..and just  plain relax, with warmth and a pleasant aroma of your choosing. Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ has it on display and it is worth your while to check it out!

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