Appliance Pull Heaven

The kitchen company that is about to finish up installation of my long overdue new kitchen, requested information on the cabinetware I intended to use, as well as the appliance pulls for my refrigerator and freezer.  I had no given this much thought, but after getting numerous recommendations from several friends who have already done thier respective kitchens, I went to a company in Fairfield, NJ called Hardware Designs.  Just how many cabinet hardware choices could there possibly be, or for that matter how hard could it be.  I needed 25 pulls, and 38 knobs, not a daunting task. WRONG!  This place has thousands and thousands on display!  You can not even imagine what is there!  I mentioned appliance pulls did I not?  Well, I thought this was the easier part.  WRONG!  I went into instant sensory overload.  Colonial Bronze, Omnia, Rocky Mountain, Berebi, Alno, MNG, Baldwin, Classic Brass, Emanee, Top Knobs, Richelieu, Bouvet, LB Brass, Siro, and probably another 50 lines that I did not write down.  I did not even consider the fact the appliance pull ought to match the cabinetware!  I was smart enough to bring a drawer front with me, (or was it that my kitchen designer told me to?) and that certainly helped immensely.  The finishes I thought I wanted were not necessarily was I ended up with, but I stayed within the zone.  I wound up with pulls and knobs from a company called Edger Berebi, and it was very expensive, but, after what I spent  redoing the kitchen, I was numb.  The stuff is nothing short of spectacular and the 18″ appliance pulls were made to match exactly with the semi precious stones embedded in them to match the cabinetware.  Thanks goes to Hardware Designs and the sales team.  Fabu!

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