The simple truth is yes!  Vessel sinks began their invasion about 20 years ago.  Cherry Creek, now  known as Vitraform, was a small obscure line of glass from Colorodo.  It arrived during the late 80″s, when the economics seemed to say glass was not now!  But beauty and innovation ruled the day, and glass sinks, in-spite of their cost became a staple that continues today.  The line of glass  sinks greatly expanded, and other companies joined  the game.  Alchemy glass, Bear Creek, and Gravity Glass went in pursuit of the lucrative business that Vitraform was enjoying almost exclusively.  New ideas from various entrepreneurs only expanded the desires of the public interest in vessel sinks.  Today we have vessel sinks made of china, brass, bronze, cement, acrylic, granite and marble. Shapes from round, to rectangle, to the bizarre are available.  There seems to be no limit to the imaginative designs in the market today.  Stone Forest, and Elite Bath have some wild ideas and acceptable price points to wet just about everyone’s  whistle!  Tall faucetry has become more popular to get over the rim of these surface sinks, but wall mount faucetry has take the lead in people’s requirements.  There too, styles are endless.  Faucet finishes seem endless as well, making vessel sinks more popular than ever, especially in the powder room.  Vessel sinks in the primary baths of the home are not as practical however, as counter space is almost always in short supply.  As you obviously have to clean around the vessel sink, they leave something to be desired for some.  I for one don’t usually recommend the vessel for a master bath or children’s bath application.  Undermount sinks make far more sense here.  Hardware designs in Fairfield NJ does indeed display many forms of vessel sinks along with the standard fare.  See them for yourself and have a sales associate help you with the pros and cons.  See it all online at  or email us your questions at  We look forward to hearing from you.

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