Paying a visit to Hardware Designs recently, to purchase a tub, I was absolutely moved to purchase something that I have never seen before,  All I wanted was a 72 x 42 bathtub to soak in.  I had no desire for a whirlpool or bubble massage tub, just a comfortable basic large bathtub. Sounds easy right?  Problem was that I was assaulted with all the new options that are now available. The first option was called Thermosense, which kept the backrest of my tub heated electronically. Now that was interesting in the sense that you did not have to add hot water!  O,K. one option added!  Then the sales person lifts up a small panel on the tub of the tub, reverses the panel’s orientation, and a cloud of aroma greets my senses.  A song from the past says it all, “Smoke of the water!”   Yes, a cloud of aroma, in this case lavender was floating over the bath water.  My eyes popped clear out of my head!  Who dreamed this up?  Sold–that is all I can say.  This is basically a mini cold air humidifier that puts out aroma. I have now seen it all.  From my basic desire to soak, comes my new desire to stay warm without having to add hot water, and aroma therapy to simply soothe my soul!  Of course, I could still add the thermo massuer function, but I don’t want to spoil myself too much, — for now, that is!  If you are reading this blog, you have to see this product if you are in the market for a tub. or

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