The nature of our struggling economy, has forced most companies to cut their inventories to the bare minimum.  It is true that there has been some light at the far end of this very long dark tunnel, but no one really understands whether the light is permanent or fleeting.  Factories and importers have reacted by cutting  the stock levels of raw goods as well as finished goods.  Importers who have reduced orders, have far more to loose.  It takes up to six months to get various products in a shipping position in this country.  The reaction time to an uptick in our economy is very slow.  This presents amajor problem for all customers looking for instant gratification!  A back order of a faucet, or shower body can result in huge delays in your construction project.  Unfortunately, many builders and plumbers do not give you a lot of “heads-up” time for materials they require in doing our construction or renovation. A common line by many of them is “I need your valves for tomorrow’s work, and as luck would have it, those valves are imported and back-ordered!  Since America has given up so much of it’s manufacturing, we therefore find ourselves short of materials and in a pickle!  Tempers get short, and jobs are delayed or frequently cancelled.  The answer  to this problem is a complex one, but one thing should stand out in your mind, that being, we have to once again be in the manufacturing business!  Importing, while keeping the price down, cuts employment here.  I would  like to think America will wake up to this fact, but I have some serious doubts as to whether greed will allow sensibility to shine through.  Back orders will always be a problem, but it things are built in the good old USA once again, the lag time should be less.  Make it here, make a difference!!

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