Bain Ultra Baths Adds Aromasense!

Here is an interesting sneak peak at a new idea from the leader of air bath technology, BainUltra of Canada. In early February, Bain will introduce a new concept in aroma therapy.  If you understand cool air vaporizers and how they operate, then you are a step ahead already.  Bain has come up with an ingenious concept to use this tech on their tubs and very minimal up-charge.  By lifting a small 2″ x 6″ compartment that sits flat to the surface of one of their tubs, and reversing it and putting back into place, the vaporizer will omit various aroma therapies of your choice.  Imagine a quiet misty cloud floating over the water surface of your tub with the aroma of your choice.  Couple that with their optional geysair technology (warm humidified air circulating through the mall ports in the tub) and you have an experience that is quite unique.  I have been in the bath and hardware business for many years now, and this technology has caught my attention, and that is really saying something!  I have been the quintessential skeptic, but not this time.  This is a winner.  We will display this new concept shortly, and invite you to experience what I know will be a true winner.  The Bain folks are wonderful producers of  air baths and their service department is second to none.  We have hundreds of lines displayed here at Hardware Designs, but Bain has always been one of my personal favorites, because I love the product, respect the people, and trust their judgement.


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