Bar Sink Blues

I needed a 15″ round undermount  bar sink.  I did what everyone does.  I went to Lowe’s, and was helped by a nice young man, who “sort of” knew what he was doing.  I purchased what I needed, brought the  bar sink home, and installed it.  Easy, right?  Well, last week, I had some company and used the sink, and when all left I put the wine glasses in the sink.  Well the bottom of the sink is concave, i.e. you can not put a glass down in it and expect it to stand up.  The first glass fell right over, and broke!  What was I thinking.  I called my local decorative plumbing company, Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ  and made an appointment.  I did not mention the sink I had purchased, I simply let the saleswoman steer me.  First question up was shape and size, and the second question was flat bottom or rounded.  I asked what she would suggest.  There was no question here. She emphatically stated that flat was appropriate for the reason explained above.  I licked my wounds and purchased the sink, at a strong discount.  When you goof you move on, but seek some professional help first!  I purchased the bar faucet there as well, from an outstanding selection.  Worth the visit. or email

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