What are the latest trends in bathrooms?  What does it cost to construct  or renovate a bath?  How do you find a contractor worthy of the job? Where should I go to see the most product, and where is the best place to make  my purchases?
All of the above questions are equally important. Let’s start with the first question–trends.  There can be no doubt that in the last two years, styles  have begun to move more towards a cleaner, simple look.  Some would call it contemporary, some zen, and other might declare it modern.  I simply like the term simple.  Clean lines, quite, and soft to the eye.  This is not to say that traditional styles are out of vogue.  On the contrary, the traditions of yesteryear continue but no longer have center stage.  Fifteen years ago, all  construction tended to be either colonial, traditional baroque, or victorian. The term contemporary was out of bounds!  Well, times change, and the past has
once again become the present. So many faucet manufacturers are once again focusing on new clean modern designs.
How much should one spend on construction?  Tough question.  Budget constraints obviously rule, but you can get a lot of product for the buck today. Imports have changed the rules on how much fixtures should cost.  It should be noted though that
foreign product prices are consistently rising.  As Chinese wages move higher, so  does final pricing here in the U.S. It is my hope that we will once again move to more domestic production in the coming years, but that process will be slow at best.  The answer to what you should spend is truly based on not only what  you can afford, but what you can’t afford not to spend!  We only get what we pay for in most cases.  Cheap is cheap, and quality does suffer when making
purchases of rock bottom materials. Finding a qualified builder is probably more important the all of the above! 
Simply stated, quality, honesty, and reputation are far more important than the pricing.  Getting work done cheap sounds great, but cheap frequently has consequences.  Get as many references that you can.  Put price into the picture only when you have done your diligence when it comes to honesty, neatness, punctuality, and ability. 
Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, understands the above thoughts, and tries  to make your shopping experience not only fun, but tailored to your needs and budget. Our showroom is far more extensive than you can imagine.  We cover all bath needs from vanities, fixtures, shower doors, and cabinetware.  In the kitchen we offer the best kitchen faucets, soap pumps, sinks, pot fillers, and
water purification systems available. Our door department is second to none.  Exterior and interior doors are proudly displayed in our state of the art door showroom.  We build frames, install the locks on your doors if requested, and offer super packages for the entire home.  Visit us online at  or email  us at

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