Touchy subject for some, common place for others, the bidet, simply stated, is one a luxury for some and a must miss for others.  I wonder what the big deal is when many customers won’t even chat about it.  If you don’t have the room, and your body requires this marvelous invention, then convert your toilet to something even more functional than what it was designed for.  Several companies, Toto, Brondell, and Geberit lead the pack in design and function, and here at Hardware Designs, Brondell, and Toto are the mainstay.  Heated seats, heated water, blow dryer, deodorizer, dual wand control to  cleanse the “area” of choice, these bidet seats are just amazing tools adding to comfort and cleanliness for both men and women.  Prices range from approx. 500.00 up to 1400.00 for these items and require  a simple 110 ground fault line. behind the toilet.  The water connection is a simple tee off connection from the water supply of your toilet.  Is is worth it?  I believe so, particularly when medical needs require some fastidious care.  See these items at our website www.hardware-designs.comor email us for some additional information or pricing.

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