Buying cheap,saving money at Hardware Designs!

I suppose the buzz words of the next decade is “buy it cheap online!”  I don’t disagree with the statement, but has all personal service left the stadium, and does the term “cheap” rule supreme?  I, like anyone else, love a great deal.  but it is not the worst idea to see what you are buying first, especially when it comes to faucets, tubs, vanities and door hardware.  There is a technical aspect to these categories that makes it hard to all make all decisions based strictly on price.  I would say that if you are savvy enough, you should be able to achieve a great discount and service together if you bulk purchase most of your requirements at one location.  I put this to the test at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.  Their expansive showroom, really covers all the bases.  Tubs, toilets, med cabinets, cabinetware, accessories, faucets, steam, you name it.  I simply stated that I was very price conscious and frankly, that was all it took.  My discounts ranged from 25-40% off list price, and was more than competitive with all Internet sites.  Sure, I paid the NJ tax, because it is legal way to go.  They were fair, but more important, the service level and the ability to see, touch and feel my product went a long way with me.  I need to write this to show my appreciation. or

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