cabinet hardware

Today I went into Hardware Designs to look for cabinet hardware. I was prepared. I searched for hours on the internet and printed out pictures of the items that I wanted to look at. I even brought in a piece of the light fixture I was using and a drawer from my vanity and walk in closet. I was greeted at the door by the receptionist and had a cup of gourmet coffee while I waited for my salesperson. I was excited to show her that I had done my homework. I worked with her before; so I knew the routine.

 After I showed her my finds she said, “ alright lets go through each one”. She explained what each one was made of and the type of warranty that was offered. The finish wasn’t what I had expected. Some looked like the finish was sponged on, while other finishes were darker when seeing them in person, something you could not see on the internet. Some of the hardware was hollow and not solid brass. The detail in the knobs I was looking for was flat not raised as shown on my monitor at home. The pictures were deceiving.

 She then said, “Don’t   be discouraged. Let me see what I can come up with”. With several boards in hand; Omnia, Alno, LBBrass, RKI, she began to coordinate knobs with handles. She showed me the quality and details of each one, placed them on my drawer and then I saw what I had envisioned come to life. She knew exactly what I was looking for even though I didn’t know it!!

“Two smaller handles or one large size handle on the large drawers?” is what she asked. These were not things I would have thought about. After explaining why someone would choose one over the other and keeping my budget in mind, I had made my selection.  I told her that was why I looked on the internet but I trusted her judgment and expertise in this area. If I had just placed my order on line it would have been a wrong decision; one that I would not have been pleased with. Hardware Designs has an excellent trained sales staff. They give you the one on one connection we all want. I was more excited when I left then when I first arrived. I was confident that I had made a good decision and was getting the look I wanted at a price I was happy with.   Thank you Hardware Designs.

For more info on Hardware Designs Inc. see their web site.


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