What happens when you have to replace some old cabinetware no longer made?  The drilling in your wood is not standard, and the marks left from the old cabinetware are very noticeable!  There are some solutions to this problem.  You might be lucky enough to find a piece of cabinetware that you like with similar drilling, but since your hole configuration might be odd, you might consider a pull that has some adjustability.  Colonial Bronze of Torrington Ct. has various pulls that can accommodate your situation.  You might also consider using an elongated backplate to cover your old drilling. Yes, you might have to drill different center to center holes under the new backplate, but they will be invisible!  Filling in holes, is certainly a horse of a different color, so to speak.  Wood can be retouched by professional people so that holes would virtually disappear, but if you have formica or some other surface, you can not take this route. There is no question that replacing cabinetware can be a challenge, but with thousands of them on display here at Hardware Designs, we rarely run into a situation that can not be solved in a satisfactory way.  We will always suggest  bringing a door or drawer to us to see just what the exact situation is, and to see if the cabinetware you like looks appropriate.  Today, there are so many designs to choose from with multiple finish options.  Sure, it used to be polished brass or chrome, but today oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, antique copper, pewter, gold, etc. etc.  can make your kitchen or bath cabinetry look outstanding.  Browse us online at or email us your thoughts at   We look forward to hearing from you, or even better yet, meeting you in person.

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