Cabinet Knobs and Pulls Up The Wazzoo!

Per my next door neighbor, in the throes of kitchen renovation, Hardwawe Designs in Fairfield, NJ has literally 10’s of thousands of ideas for cabinetware.  You name the finish, you name the style, and you name the price point, they have something for  you.  Not just in a catalog mind you, but up front and personal, on display, and literally “up the wazzoo!”  I could not believe my eyes when I was escorted past the hundreds and hundreds of faucets, and entered the section that displayed all the knobs, pulls, appliance pulls, or anything that had to do with adorning your cabinetry or appliances.  Sure, it was daunting and confusing, but my sales associate knew what he was doing, understood what I needed and restricted my look to under 15 pieces.  For under five hundred dollars, I was complete.  Delivery was fast, and the whole experience was a pleasure.  They are worth the visit.  Go online if you like to or email your questions to them at

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