Lets just say you are looking for cabinetware that is a “tad different!” Hardware Designs in Fairfield,NJ has more stuff than you could shake a stick at!Twigs, leaves, horns, frogs, golf balls, socks, watering cans, asparagas, pine cones, ropes, leathers, snails, shells, gargoyles, geckos, trains, crystals,stones, tennis rackets, baseballs, pliers, turtles, ships, screwdrivers, cars, and you name it….ya got the picture. Knobs and pulls of any configuration, and even more amusing is all the finish availabilities. If you want to spend just a couple of bucks each, so be it. If your tastes run out to the extravagant, let’s say 500.00 each–we have that too. From basic zinc to genuine lalique, we have it, display it, and sell more of it than anyone…period. This is not to say that Hardware Designs does not do the extravagant stuff as well. We truely cover the bases when it comes to cabinetware. Stop by and have a look, and bring a cabinet door or drawer with you. See us online at or email us at

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