Cabinetware Going Green—Literally!

I have custom made stained glass clear story windows in my home and below this are a long bank of cabinet doors and drawers.  I thought it would be easy to pick up these colors in some cabinetware.  I searched the internet until my fingers bled!  I could not find anything that I was imagining.  Finally, I found a company called Tema.  This company specialized in recylced glass cabinet knobs!  Colors galore, and most definitely different that anything I have seen.  I gave them a buzz, and the sent me to their dealer in north Jersey, Hardware Designs in Fairfield.  I made the trip expected to find some samples of stuff, but I had no idea what I was about to walk into.  Thousands, and thousands of knobs!  Door hardware,  bathware, accessories, and even kitchen stuff fill this gigantic showroom.  I’ll tell you this, it was mind numbing.  I found the Tema line and found green art glass knobs that were absolutely perfect.  I made a great discovery, great enough to want to redo my master bath with Hardware Designs.  See them online at or visit them online a

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