Hardware Designs is deeply saddened by announcing the passing of Charles-Chuck-Bianchi this past week.  He had just celebrated his 50th birthday!  Chuck was a key member of the HDI family, and his passing comes to us all as a supreme shock.  It can be said that he was a superb salesman, and close personal friend and mentor to many.  His loss has left a deep wound in many, as his sense of humor, understanding, and wit will be something we can not replace, nor do we care to.  As a co-owner, I feel this sense of loss, as Chuck was always my first hello and sounding board, not to mention the fact that I hired him all those years ago.  His humor was off the charts, his laughter infectious, and his ability was remarkable.  I don’t think there is anyone in our local industry who did not know or respect him.  May our memory of him stay strong and serve as an example to many of our future endeavors.

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