I am about to purchase a steam generator from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, and I was rather impressed with a concept called Chromatherapy. Colored lights in the steam shower or whirpool for that matter. Watching it with the showroom lights on, meant nothing to me. The salesperson lowered the showroom lights and jezzzz!!! Suddenly I am enveloped in light blue! I actually stepped into the steam unit that was operating…clothes and all! I was amazed at the smile that came upon my face! The sales guy said that light influences my biorhythms!! Yeah right!! Maybe?? He went on to say that various colors affect my entire body both physically and psychologically. He said that red is stimulating and exciting–a real waker upper! Orange was soothing! Yellow was brain activating???? Really?? I need some of that! Green was calming and relaxing. Blue was relaxing as well and lowers stress!! Lay that blue on me then. Last but not least he said that violet was immunizing and appeasing, and even detoxifying. Well, I will tell you this, lots of manufactures are getting into this concept, and I for one will give it a try. Hey life is short! Live a little. See this stuff at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ or see it online at their website. You can email them at if you like. The products I saw with this so called chromatherapy system was Bainultra, and Mr.Steam

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