I have a home under construction, that by any shake of the imagination would be considered unusual.  This is not a small project, and 100% of it is custom, right down to the door hardware.   I needed materials that augmented the style of both my home and my doors.  I happen to like ornate things, and my home is rather ornate, putting it mildly.  Some would say it is “over the top,” but it is what I like and want.  I had to find a place that did custom hardware, and I did my homework online to get some ideas.  The company Hardware Designs kept coming up in the listings, and I broke down and drove  to Fairfield, NJ and paid them a visit.  Turns out that my designer, who was in charge of my 6 baths, bought all of the faucetry, tubs, toilets, and what have you, there!   Since she did the shopping, I never knew where our selections came from.  Simply stated, you have to see this place.  They have every conceivable  door knob, lever, hinge, or cabinet knobyou could ever imagine.   We selected materials to be done in satin gold from Casina of Italy.  Knock out stuff.  Sure it was expensive, but my house warrants this type of material, and I can not settle.  Thanks goes out to the staff at Hardware Designs.  You can visit them online like I did at or send them an email at  They will not dissapoint you!

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