Decorative Plumbing Parts and Decorative Hardware Parts

Ya know what one of the real problems of purchasing fancy shmancy hardware or plumbing materials? It is where to find parts, since most of the local plumbing contractors are too lazy to go out and search for the stuff. Well, don’t bother. I found a place in Fairfield, NJ, called Hardware Designs, that not only has the stuff on display…and I mean not just onezy twozy kind of displays, I mean overwhelming piles of the stuff neatly displayed——and, here comes the fun, they have the parts, and know what to buy if they don’t have them. Parts for your faucets, parts for your showers, parts for your toilets, parts for your front door hardware. Yup, you are reading it right…..they have it, with a couple of serious parts men who know the stuff inside out. What a pleasure, what a relief, what a savings of time and gas. Rocco and Mario, you two guys are it and I mean it! Thanks to the two of you if you read this!! See Hardware designs online at or email them your questions like I did.

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