Do It Yourself?

I moved to a townhouse a few weeks ago, and being your average  thirty something macho male, who doesn’t need an instruction manual, I elected to install a new shower valve cartridge all by my self!  Sure I am proud and I can do anything, right?  I, with all my amazing wisdom, decided to add other new shower materials.  A new shower head, an arm diverter, and a pulsing hand shower.  Yup, a new face lift for the tired, used for 20 years shower! Sounds easy right? WRONG!!!   In the middle of my self imposed renovation,  I managed to shear off the head of a “Really Tiny But Absolutely Essential Screw!” of the stem of my thermostatic valve shower cartridge.  Panic, but no problemo right?  Wrong again!  After visiting all of planet earth’s plumbing suppliers, including the supplier of my all my new parts, I was without success in finding this stupid screw’s replacement.  I even went on a plumbing parts website and, you guessed it, no go!  I finally called a  local decorative plumbing and hardware showroom, Hardware Designs, in Fairfield, NJ. who informed me that they did  indeed have all the tiny screws I needed, and when I showed up to this huge showroom, with more stuff than you could ever  imagine, and was directed to the parts/pick-up department.  There, a super knowledgeable guy, Rocco, gave me the correct screw, and then said, have another one in case you break it again.  Now comes the kicker.  It was all no-charge!!!!!  If Rocco would have charged me twenty dollars for the damn things I would have not only paid him gladly, but probably tipped him for putting me out of my misery!   I love this guy!  I will sing praises unto him!  One thing is for sure now.  In the future when doing any bath renovation, or needing any type of decorative hardware, Hardware Designs is my new source.  Give ’em 5 stars baby!!!   Tell you what, go see them online at or email them at like I did!

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