Do you need a hammer and chisel to clean your bath.?

I have very hard water where I live and it makes the task of cleaning the bath and kitchen very difficult. I looked into water softening systems but was turned off by the idea of adding salt to my water system. I know there are alternatives to salt based softeners but in our hectic lives who needs to deal with the maintenance. I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ and found a new product I was not familiar with, it is called a water conditioning appliance. It breaks the bond between the minerals calcium and magnesium from the water molecule so it makes it easier to clean and does not leave spots. The other great thing about this is that is a green product and does not need to be touched for approx. 6 years, that’s right you only change the media in the filter approx. every 6 years. I am so happy I stopped in and inquired about this system, needless to say I purchased it. You should stop in or go to their website www.hardware-designs and check out the EWS products or if you have questions contact them at

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