Does Decorative Hardware Have To Be So Expensive?

I have standard door hardware all around my house.  I believe it is made from Schlage lock company, and a style long ago discontinued.  I recently completed an addition to my home and required another 10 locksets of various functions.  So began the search.  I go online just just as does everyone today.  I google the words decorative locksets, and egads….only about 15000 entries assault you.  Where to begin?  Confusing, daunting, expensive, and frankly not a whole lot of fun.  I decided to do the showroom routine at Hardware Designs, and all I can say is this….online….. forget it when it comes to this stuff.  They had more questions than my brain could handle, but all of them were required, necessary, and needed my input.  Had I  purchased this stuff online, I would have eaten lots of material that was non-returnable.  I have to suggest when looking for decorative hardware or bathware, consider this company, as they get it done efficiently, and priced correctly.

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