Door Hardware replacement made easier!

If you have to replace door hardware in your home, take note of the following. 1. Are your doors predrilled? If so, what is the diameter of the hole? If there is more than one hole, measure both diameters. 2. If your doors were predrilled what is the spacing in between the two holes. Measure this my drawing an imaginary horizontal line in the center of each hole, and measure the exact distance between these two lines. 3. If your doors are indeed predrilled and you have done the above, next you will have to measure the distance from the edge of your door to another imaginary vertical line that you will draw in the exact center of one or both holes. This measuremnet is most important, and it is called a backset measurement. 4. You ought to take a look at your existing latches, and understand that there are many forms of latches. One is called tubular, and another is called mortise. Tubular latches can be completely round or they can be rectangular with squared or radious corners. Mortise latches are a completely different horse. They are usually from 5-8″ in vertical length, and taking a picture of it would certainly assist any qualified salesperson in specifying the correct replacement hardware. I would suggest you remove a latch and bring it with you when you shop if this is possible. 5. Next measure thre area that your new lock will fit it. This is important only when your door is not a simple flat panel. If you have designs around your door, this lock mounting area is called a stile. Sizes range from 3″ to 6″ usually. Take note of this width and bring it with you. 6. Lastly, know the handing of your door. Simply stated, go to the outside of your room and look inwards. If the door hinges are on the left side of the door and the door swings inward towards the left…then it is a left hand door!! The converse holds true for the right side. Lots of info to digest, but knowing this information will help you when you visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. They have more knobs, levers, deadlocks, entry sets, then you could possibly imagine. Matching hinges are availabe as well. So be prepared and have some fun. Go online to their website and see all the brands of Door Hardware that Hardware Designs carry. It is daunting, but really amazing. or

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