Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ is really digging into the decorative door business.  They have been selling a trillion different locks over the years, and it seem a natural progression for them to finally offer quality doors.  So many door distributors are history because of the economic slump in the building industry, and someone had to step up to the plate.  As a builder, I needed the source for both the door and door hardware together.  It was always hard for me to coordinate the specifics of the drilling with the requirements of the door hardware itself, especially when dealing with mortise type locks.  I am a fan of Rocky Mountain Hardware, and I can say this with authority, that coordinating the Rocky Hardware with extra thick interior and exterior doors was a bear.  Now, that problem is behind me.  See Hardware Designs online and make your life a tad more simple, whether you are a builder  or a homeowner. or 

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