So once your realize your front door is warped and ready for a change, like Steve, our do it yourself customer yesterday, you have to do the routine of measurement, selection, and functional requirements. Doors, I kid you not are complex. The selection available today is daunting as can be the price. So, in walks Steve, saying “I am interested in replacing my front door!” Sounds easy right? Wrong! Is Steve replacing the door only, or is he doing the jamb and trim as well. How thick are his walls, and how wide is is door? What is the exterior overhang like and what direction does he face, south. east, north or west? Does he have a transom or sidelights to deal with as well? If it is wood he desires, or does he fancy a composite door? What price point is Steve interested in? Pricing on doors really to vary depending on all the above. What wood species does Steve like. Perhaps walnut, or alder. Maybe mahogany or even cherry will fit his personality. Steve might like a smooth finish, or even an antiqued finish. Light or heavy distressing enters the finish selection process. Is glass an option as part of this door? Should it be clear, or frosted. Should it be safety glass? Will Hardware Designs be responsible for the door sweep and weatherstripping, not to mention the hardware and hinges? (That process is endless as well, as our door hardware selection here is mind numbing.) Will Hardware Designs be doing the installation? At this point, you must wonder whether Steve has realized what he got himself into! Now that I got the hard part out of the way, it is easier to simply let a qualified door professional guide you through the process. Our computer will guide us through all the questions, and we will measure your door and specification requirements right at Steve’s home. It is not that we will not trust Steve’s ability to measure, but all the numbers have to be “dead-on” accurate. Sure, Steve made his selection after a one hour question and answer game. It was determined that a composite door best suited his needs. It was so wood like in appearance, that it was hard to know that is was actually something different. Steve’s home had no overhang to protect it from the western exposure. Only a composite product will give him the lasting beauty he would expect, considering the price point for the door he selected from Jeld-wen. We will go to his home, and we will install his door and take the worry away from Steve and his builder. He selected custom Classic door hardware along with Von Morris hinges, and this selection will really make his door stunning. Pay us a visit and let us give you some ideas or a quotation.

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