For all you Dornbracht fans, the latest news is still rather murky.  Polished chrome continues to be your best bet for now, and other finishes like their stunning platinum matte, continue to be a problem if you are in a rush.  There are numerous reasons for the delays in production,  but the word on the street is “logistics!”  We have all assumed that Dornbracht would have been in a better position by now, as the horrific plating factory fire should have been resolved, but insurance carriers have not be particularly cooperative, or so I have been told.  If you have the time, then Dornbracht faucetry, and shower materials are simply among the best stuff made, and it would be hard to prove me wrong. The issue of needing material in a hurry, then Dornbracht will simply have to move aside for the competition.  There are certainly a lot of copies out there, and this choice is yours.  Altmans, Jado, THG, Aquabrass, and Mico, have enough look-alikes to entice you.  Prices certainly vary, but for the most part there are at least savings to be had.  Make no mistake though, Dornbracht quality is top rate.  Stop by our showroom where we can show you all lines and point out the strengths and weakness of all manufacturers.

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