Anyone out there familiar with Edgar Berebi products knows just how intricate and decorative the material is.  Edgar has designed things that truly can’t be compared with anything else currently in the market place.  His cabinetware collection of knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls are more than unique.  The selection of available finishes are remarkable, not to mention the ability to custom produce something totally unique to each individual’s  tastes.  Well, now the Berebi folks have introduced a remarkable collection of custom door hardware.  This collection does not copy Baldwin, Classic Brass, or Rocky Mountain.  No, this  assortment is one you will not see anywhere else.  This is not Sherle Wagner. This is not P.E. Guerin.  Berebi has come up with some designs that are uniquely Berebi!  Intricate, involved, delicate as well as over the top as some would say.  If you are very discerning, and particular, or if you want something you can not remotely find anywhere else, then the Edgar Berebi collection of door hardware might do the trick for you.  Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ has built a custom display to house the new Berebi Collection.  The display was custom built to properly show just what Edgar can do.  Drop by if you care to see the latest in door hardware as well as the most up to date plumbing showroom in the industry. www.hardware-designs.com  info@hardware-designs.com

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