Edgar Berebi. known for gift hardware and extensive cabinetware, has moved forward into the door hardware business.  The new catalog of materials absolutely blows my mind!  Where and how does Edgar get his ideas from?  This stuff is beyond beyond!  It has been said that beauty is in the details, and this could not be more truthful.  Each knob and lever is absolutely exquisite.  The rosettes that go along with each lever and knob are equally perfect.  Coupled together with heavy duty latches  Berebi has come up with the perfect combination.  The finish selections are virtually endless, making  the Berebi collection a perfect  selection for the super discerning.  Architects and interior designers will definitely appreciate what Edgar B has come up with.  While not inexpensive, there is a need for what they have come up with.  There is simply nothing to compare with these designs. Unique, thoughtful,  and sophisticated are just a few terms to describe what this new and exciting line is all about.   Hardware Designs will have the complete line on display shortly for those of you who wish to see it, feel it and touch it.  Visit us online at www.hardware-designs.com  or send us an email with your thoughts at info@hardware-designs.com

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