Edgar Berebi–Edgar Berebi

Edgar Berebi, Edgar Berebi, Edgar Berebi.  I can’t say it enough.  I wanted some “schmaltz,”  some zip, some pop goes the weasel on my breakfront.  My interior designer brought me to this off the wall place in Fairfield NJ called Hardare Designs. Large, I mean friggin huge.  Selection up the wazzoo when it comes to bath and hardware goodies.  Cabinetware? Are they kidding me?  Tons and tons of stuff, not to mention a mountain of Edgar Berebi. Knobs, pulls, and even appliance pulls and switchplates, all with the Berebi stonework!  I mean truly amazing.  Yup, not cheap stuff, but Berebi rules when it comes to  jazzing up your cabinets.  You just have to go there and take a look, it will amaze you for sure.  www.hardware-designs.com info@hardware-designs.com


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