Replacing front door hardware is a pain in the butt–seriously.  I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.  I took the 5 dollar tour of door hardware there, and was absolutely amazed and not to mention depressed by all the stuff I could have done had my builder given me the options in advance.  Hardware Designs gave me a form to fill in with my builder, which settled what was doable. I had to answer 10 zillion questions about hole location, door thickness, door composition, backset nonsense, etc etc  but once all that was done, I was able to make a selection.  The Hardware Designs folk have their @#$%^&* together, far more than my builder and designer did.  They have all the brands and then some.  You will be doing yourself a favor by checking them out!  Go to their website and simply click on door hardware and away you go.  Have some patience, and a glass of wine with you, it will help!  You can email them at or go to the web site and have a good time.

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