Glass sinks, more glass sinks.

What can you say about Alchemy Glass, Gravity Glass, Bear Creek, Vitraform, Le Bijoux, Aviana, Hastings,and Decolav? All of the above is carried by Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ. You have to see all this stuff to believe it. I have all these brochures and now I have to make a decision. Glass sinks are not cheap, and some are certainly better made than others. My salesmen gave me all the points, and naturally, I fell “in like” with a carved Vitraform sink. Battuto was the name of the sink and simply stunning in it’s design and execution. Now I have to find a way to pay for it. Luckily, Hardware Designs discounts to the public and is more than fair. If you are looking for a glass sink, go there or see their stuff online at

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