Hans Grohe Ibox rules!

I will make this simple.  I am building my third house, and trust me on this… it will be my last.  I have had enough plumbing, electrical, roofing, and god know what else issues to last for 5 more lifetimes!  All I can say is bless Hans Grohe for coming up with an almost goof-proof rough in for their thermostatic and balanced pressure shower valves.  The staff over at Hardware Designs suggested I have a look at the relatively new method Hans Grohe came up with.  Sure I was skeptical, like I always am, but I was convinced that the universal rough now being shipped for the thermostatic and balanced pressure valves, was worth a try, and I was not disappointed.  Goof-Proof!!!!  Even the mechanical contractors I am using, who don’t speak a lot of English, like it and can’t mess it up.  The trim, or the stuff that you see and work on the wall is what really counts, but for plumbing inspection and ease of installation, the ibox concept is nothing short of fabulous.  You would think this is a boring subject to blog about, but you build 3 houses and then tell me I am not right!  Write me back, I will see it on the Hardware Designs site! www.hardware-designs.com info@hardware-designs.com

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