Hardware Designs and doorstops!

My kids are animals! They don’t just open doors, they open them with a vengence! The knob hits the wall, and bingo, another hole to patch. I purchased so called hinge pin stops some years ago, and not cheap ones either. They all broke because my muscle bounds nut cases overpowered them! Seriously! Time for help. I wenlt to Hardware Designs in Fairfield,NJ and had a look around. That football field sized showroom had more stops than a street in mid town NYC! Newer, stonger hinge pin stops, dome stops, wall stops, kick down stops, magnetic stops and holders, egads, you name it, they displayed it, in numerous finishes. That was the place to go. Better yet, all the stops are cheaper than sin! Go there! www.hardware-designs.com or info@hardware-designs.com

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