Hardware Designs Customer Service Page

Customer service, is the most important part of any business today.  With an economy in the doldrums and people relatively reticent about spending their bucks, customer service just could be the tipping point as to just how showrooms are selected by the perspective shopper.  Hardware Designs prides itself on this aspect of our business.  Our website caters to helping you keep up with your orders, and helps you get timely information that your contractor requires.  By going to our website  www.hardware-designs.com  or  info@hardware-designs.com  you can access information and free up the time you might have spent on the telephone.  It is just that simple.  Go on, give it a try!  If you are checking up on your goodies or simply shopping for the new faucet, whirlpool, door knob, cabinet pull, or just need a towel bar, pull up a chair and give our website a look, it is filled with fun stuff and information websites rarely offer.  Better yet, our Fairfield, NJ location makes shopping easy if you are the see it, feel it type.  You will find accurate directions on our site as well which is equipped with GPS technology. 

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