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I am always in the market for “stuff!”  Stuff like toilet seats, or stuff like switch plates.  Stuff like towel bars, or stuff like replacement kitchen faucet cartridges.  I wind up shopping all over the place, and most plumbing suppliers could care less about what I need, and when someone takes the time to research my requirements, the price is totally unrealistic.  My cousin had recently done a bath renovation, and suggested I visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, and let me tell you just this—“they got stuff” and then some.  A great parts department for all plumbing needs from the basic nonsense to the strangest and most expensive lalique glass handles for faucetry.  Door hardware, cabinetware, whirlpools,  it is endless.  Parts heaven.  Call them or email them. www.hardware-designs.com or www.hardware-designs.com

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