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I am in the midst of a long overdue and involved renovation of my home in north Jersey. I am working with a decorative plumbing and hardware company called Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. They show more faucets, more door hardware, more cabinetware, more stuff than you could possibly imagine. Let me tell you one thing you won’t see online at their website, www.hardware-designs.com and that is it’s great coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. Hey it beats my 25.00 mocca jamoca extra latte schamoka at my local starbucks…..and it’s free!! At least while I’m am spending my life savings on some pretty wild hardware and bathware, I can enjoy some seriously good coffee! Thanks Hardware Designs for the java–not to mention the great sales and service! You have to check this place out. Wild!!! email info@hardware-designs.com

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