Hardware is Easyware at Hardware Designs!

I have always wondered who came up with the term “hardware?”  What is so hard about it?  It is such a general term for such a vast array of materials.  It could represent nuts and bolts as well as door knobs, door levers, door stops, cabinetware, and well as hinges and front door hardware!  At Hardware  Designs in  Fairfield, NJ we strive to make Hardware–Easyware!  We know how to sell and service our products, and we know that correct pricing is the key to doing business today.  We want our customers to leave the hard stuff to us.  We will ask all the questions needed, and take the worry away from you.  Lines such as Rocky Mountain, Nobilus, Omnia, Baldwin, and Classic Brass, can be complicated, but that should not be your issue.   Your job is select style, and our job is specify it correctly to fit your situation and needs.  That is called Easyware!  So if you are in the market for any type of Hardware  or Plumbing, it’s  Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.  Why not email us your questions, we are just a click away. info@hardware-designs.com or www.hardware-designs.com

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