Heated toilet seat with Bidet and Deodorizing function!

Hey, why not! I live in a home where 2 of my 4 bathrooms do not have windows! The exhaust fan does not work that efficiently, but that is a separate issue. I heard about a company called Brondell that makes these seats with deodorizing functions, as well as bidet functions, and this caught my attention. I have one bath with a Toto toilet, and one bath with a Duravit toilet. Fortunately for me Brondell made deodorizing seats for both of my models. This makes the rest of my family happy, and no comment is necessary as to the why’s!!!! I have since learned that this company, Brondell also makes heated seats and seats that combine all the above functions with Bidet functions. All you need is a GFI line and a tap into the water line of the toilet. I know that other companies such as Toto and Geberit make similar products, but not at Brondell competitive price points. This was a good purchase for me…and worth the reader looking into! See it all online at the Hardware Designs of Fairfield,NJ website…www.hardware-designs.com

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