Holiday season and Hardware Designs!

It’s holiday season, and my home needs a gift.  What is truly needs is a total makeover!  Getting down to reality, I will have to settle for some new cabinetware for the kitchen along with a better faucet and soap pump.    Upon arriving at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, a receptionist makes me a fresh cup of coffee, and I help myself to a piece of pecan pie!  Next, some old acquaintances walk through the door to do their thing as well.  Chat, chat, chat, yak, yak, yak, and what was I doing at Hardware Designs anyway!  Even the saleswoman was having a good time, and seemed to enjoy the downtime, even if her commissions were suffering!  I finally got down to do what I came there for, which was a new pull out spray kitchen faucet and soap pump.  There were far too many to choose from, but that was the fun of it.  I needed oil rubbed bronze, and found enough samples to make me crazy.  The sales woman gave me the pros and cons and I made my selection.  The cabinetware was not as easy, as they show over 8000 samples to select from.  Are they kidding??!!!!   I have to come back for that with a door front to figure this out.  Before I left, I helped myself to some more pie!!  Diet??  What diet!  Hardware Designs is an interesting experience!

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