Anyone contemplating a home renovation today has to consider whether they will have a decent return on their investment.  Real estate values probably hit bottom earlier this year, and hopefully it will begin trending upwards in the not to distant future.  The question comes to mind just how much money should one invest in their kitchen and baths, or in replacement doors for that matter.  Will the dollars spent really add to the value of the home, and when does value count as opposed to personal pleasure.  I will tell you that many clients spend too much time wondering if they are making the right decision when it comes to market value.  At some point, simple pleasure has to enter the picture.  We are supposed to like our purchases and enjoy them.  We are allowed to build a custom shower and not wonder whether the next buyer will approve of your selections.  Door hardware and faucetry, vanities, toilets, kitchen sinks and cabinetware should be purchased to please yourself, not the next owner of your home.  As they say, life is short, and if you don’t enjoy the some of the finer things now, when?  If a fine thermostatic shower, with deluging shower heads and body sprays is what you have a desire for, go for it, and if some potential couple down the road wants the basics only, let them rip it out!  This is about you not them.  If you want a pot filler in the kitchen, do it!  If you want instant hot and if you are worrying about getting your bucks back…do it!  If a water purification system is necessary to make your water more pure and drinkable, install one!  I am frankly, tired of denying myself some of the many possibilities based on some future buyer ability to reimburse me!  I welcome anyone’s  input on this! www.hardware-designs.com   info@hardware-designs.com

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