ibox at Hdi

Heres the deal I finally found a thermostatic and pressure balance valve in one. Its called the “ibox” from hansgrohe.  This really is a great product for everyone;the supplier, the designer, the homeowner, the contractor and the plumber. As a universal rough it replaces the 13 existing roughs that Hansgrohe has previously used,.    Trim from all Hansgrohe styles work with the iBox so you can install the iBox before you make a final decision on the trim. This means the project doesn’t have to wait for a design decision.  I picked up the valve for hardware designs and gave it to my builder.  He started the project while I picked my style the PuraVida.  Now I have a new shower that is awesome.  Hansgrohe’s well priced valves and shower sets allowed me to get something affortable.  Hardware designs introduced the Ibox to me along with other items I needed for my dream bathroom.   Check  the site out it had everything I needed to get started  Hardware-designs.com

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